Canoeing and Adjusting

I’m pretty good with jet lag. Being young helps a lot, and slipping into a normal routine as soon as possible. This time it was easy, as we arrived in the evening, but last year our flight came in before lunchtime, and we had a full day ahead of us. The first full day has been excellent – lots of eating, and other activities. Keith and Joanna have a few inflatable canoes, so we went to the nearby Milo McIver park to Estacada Lake and set off. It is a beautiful spot, and there were a few people around, but for the most part it was quiet and tranquil. What goes well with tranquillity? Canoe races! We did quite a bit of canoeing, and I ended up completely shattered as a result. To finish off the day, Keith made a roast from one of his pigs from last year, which was amazing.

Today was mostly taken up by a giant 590lb gas range that was being picked up, and moved into the house. I got to help out with the gas piping which we almost completed – there are just a few final pieces to fit before the cooker is moved into place. Aside from that, it has been quite a drizzly, then incredibly heavily rainy day, so most of it has been spent inside. I captured the video so far and did a bit of editing, but there are so many clips already! Better to work on it now than to leave it till the end of the three weeks though. Tomorrow is still full of possibilities, and the day is beginning with the removal of a hornets nest in Portland. It should be interesting…

2 responses to “Canoeing and Adjusting”

  1. Milo McIver Park is the name you’re looking for. 🙂

    1. Ha! Apparently my quality control is getting worse. I just put that in as a note to ensure I actually looked up the spelling, but I forgot completely. Thanks 🙂

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