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The pony cake
The pony cake

It was my sister’s birthday on Saturday, and since she is obsessed with equine matters, I thought the best idea was to make a pony cake. I bought a cake pan from Wilton, and made a half vanilla-half chocolate cake to fill it, just because I have no experience in cake carving and didn’t want to make a mess of it. The marbled cake turned out really nicely, and the icing was just butter cream with different proportions of cocoa to create the light brown and dark brown colours. I was quite pleased at the end result – hopefully it looks somewhat like a pony. Cake making is just one of my things now.

One of my double-sided coin rings
One of my double-sided coin rings

My newest enterprise involves not cake, but coins. More specifically turning old coins into rings. I have made a few so far using a variety of different methods, in order to achieve a number of different finishes and sizes. Incidentally, if anyone has a coin they would like turned into a ring, or would like a silver coin ring of some description, drop me a line. Prices vary depending on the material of the coin, and the amount of work involved. The hammered coin rings take a long time as you may be able to gauge from the video below, but produce a nice finish. Double-sided coin rings feature details from both the obverse (front) and reverse (back) of the coin, and look really nice. They are all handmade so each ring is unique!

Making a Shilling Ring – Newforge Rings from Adam Douglas on Vimeo.

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