More goats?!

Goat Simulator has arrived! Well, it arrived last Friday but I’ve been too busy playing it and, at times, doing actual work that I have not got round to writing about it. Fear not, however, as this is the long awaited review of Goat Simulator. Perhaps one of the greatest games of our time, Goat Simulator allows you to take a step out of your comfort zone, and into the mind of a lone ruminant, wandering around a small settlement. And as goats often do, causing as much havoc as possible. Small, broken, and brief are perhaps the best adjectives used to describe Goat Simulator, but it is still a fun game. It is hard not to smile when you lick a petrol pump, and quite logically, cause the entire petrol station to explode. Or raining goats on a peaceful protest against “penis-shaped foods”. Okay, describing it as one of the greatest games of our time might be a push, but it is definitely worth a look. It isn’t the best value game in the world, as other developers have put far more time and effort into titles selling at the same price, but if you can even find someone who has bought it and give it a go, you won’t be disappointed. There is a finite amount of fun to be had, but some of the things you can do are really great, ranging from fighting in a goat arena to becoming the Master of Goat Castle, and even performing human sacrifice to gain evil powers. The limitations lie with your imagination, and the map size, which is fairly compact. I have no doubt that a number of talented people will come up with new maps and mods to extend the playable life of the game, but for now it is a short but still enjoyable experience.

Now onto the next challenge – Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I have never felt more powerless than in Amnesia, faced against intangible and invisible foes (most of the time), with no means of self defence. But more about that later, and about Resident Evil 4. I’m slowly playing through the PC port of RE4 with a horrible keyboard control scheme – perhaps that’s why I took a break from it for several years. It is a good game too, but not nearly as scary thanks to the presence of guns. It’s still pretty terrifying. I think I am going to have to play Goat Simulator to balance things out now.

Wrong place, wrong time, my friend...
Wrong place, wrong time, my friend…

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