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There’s a first time for everything. First steps. First video game console. First kiss. All the important milestones, and now, this is both my first time using WiFi in the air, and my first time blogging from the sky. The Linx tablet is perfect for this scenario, given its compact size – my laptop is way too big to fit comfortably in this space. I’m sitting here completely cut off from the outside world, typing and listening/watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine. This is about as comfortable as a flight gets (if you’re on a budget, of course) and soon to come is the food and booze…it only gets better!

The journey got off to a rocky start this morning. The bus turned up a little late, but that wasn’t a big deal. The driver got out and open and closed the luggage compartments, which seemed normal enough at first. Then while we were stopped at lights near Newry, he got out again and opened and closed all of the compartments. The same thing happened again in the bus depot in Newry. Either something was wrong, or this driver was the Monk of public transport. This was bordering on obsessive compulsive! Whatever happened, the driver couldn’t resolve the problem so we ended up moving to another bus. We moved all of the luggage, boarded the bus, and settled down for the remainder of the journey. Or for five minutes. The new bus wouldn’t start, and couldn’t be jump started. Luckily Translink hadn’t run out of buses, and we transferred to another luxury bus. And by luxury, I mean the engine started and got us to the airport. I had left plenty of time so there were no problems arising from the delay, but it could’ve been worse. Everything else has gone very smoothly, and I’m hoping it keeps going like this. I arrive in Tokyo tomorrow around 5.30 pm local time, so there’s a lot of travelling ahead of me. This is so exciting!


This may be the greatest flight I’ve ever been on. The food was of a standard not usually found on planes, and could’ve been cafe/cheap-ish restaurant fare. I had no major problem with airline food in the past, except that it wasn’t really food in a “food” sense. Sure, it was edible, but it completely ruined my stomach after and you wouldn’t have found it anywhere else in the world. This time, I had a tuna nicoise salad, lamb ragout with creamed spinach and artichoke, and a cherry chocolate mouse-crumble. And a mini bottle of wine. And now a double of Johnny Walker Red Label whiskey. I’m loving this flght. WiFi is free for the first 10 mb, then $1 for 500 mb. That’s not bad considering they have a captive audience and could’ve jacked up the prices. I better make the most of this now that I My Sky Blogging setup – I would take a better photo, but my connection is quite limited as far as upload goes.have it.

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