Sky Blog Two

I would’ve written sooner, but thanks to China blocking communications over their airspace I haven’t been able to get online for most of the flight. I’ve been up for a long time now and fatigue is starting to settle in. The last flight took a strange turn when I ended up sitting beside an Irish man who works out in Qatar, who just so happened to be a fellow WordPress blogger. We tried looking up the blog during the flight, but for whatever reason (perhaps expression of freedom of speech) Emirates had blocked the page. He is the author of HX Report, and blogs about his life in the Middle East and how it compares with back home. He ended up buying a ring off me too (at a scandalously good mid-flight discount, I might add), so my rings have made it to another continent! Newforge Rings is spreading globally – one ring at a time (well, three rings if you count the two sold to USA). We’re just about to begin descent, so I shall finish this post here.

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