Fallout: Van Buren, a Video Coming Soon

The makeshift voiceover studio

As you may or may not know, I did not release the third Ordinary Decent Gamer video today, primarily because of time constraints and other commitments. My final exams are coming up in three weeks so I will have to minimise potential sources of procrastination. I will be posting from time to time, but I cannot guarantee any regular posting schedule, nor any new videos in the near future. If you do see a new video uploaded, you know I’ve fallen off the wagon. I’m having a hard enough time staying awake long enough to take anything in, let alone having additional self-imposed pressure from starting a YouTube channel. I might chip away at a few videos in my spare time, but I can’t devote the same intensity that produced two videos in as many weeks. I’ve brought my “studio” microphone to Belfast, along with a tripod, so who knows what I might end up with. Working without a tripod is far more hassle than it’s worth, particularly when I did the filming for the Disney games video by myself. I don’t have any finished products to show you, but I can share a teaser for an upcoming Fallout-themed video. It’s going to cover the lesser known Van Buren project, or the original Fallout 3!

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