A Year of Ordinary Decent (YouTube) Gamer

It’s hard to believe it has been over a year since I started making YouTube videos for Ordinary Decent Gamer. The blog has been alive in some form or other since Gamescom in 2011, but making game-related videos was a recent foray. I have had an interest in filmmaking for a long time, dating back to very primitive short horror films made with my friends and family. Look at me now! Now we’re making slightly more coherent and technically better, short horror films with my friends and family.

I’ve been getting slowly better at filmmaking, but setting aside the time isn’t always easy. And the same can be said of the game videos. Give me a clear weekend and I can power through, like I did for the first Disney Games video, but that was for a small game and short video. Dark Void took hours to play, and many more hours sifting through footage for usable stuff, and even more time editing it all together. I do tend to complain about the amount of work in these things, but having the finished product at the end of it all is fantastic. I love creating, and hope to keep up the momentum into 2017 and beyond. Here’s the latest video from Ordinary Decent Gamer:

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