Starbucks and Badminton

As I sit here trying to enjoy an overpriced and overworked beverage from the average airport “coffee” shop, I can’t help but muse on some of the silly bureaucracy that goes unchecked. All in the name of security, of course.

…not so long ago…a meat cleaver in your hand luggage on the way back from China could’ve gone unnoticed

It’s easy to justify the removal of rights when terror is mentioned, but who reviews the policies put in place? Who thought that a badminton racket would represent a significant enough threat for it to be prohibited in cabin baggage? Granted a badminton racket can be deadly in the wrong hands, but I hardly think it’s threatening enough to warrant confiscation. But these are the post-9/11 times we live in. There was a time not so long ago where a meat cleaver in your hand luggage on the way back from China could’ve gone unnoticed (extreme example, yes, but true), but little things like being able to bring back alcohol or olive oil in your hand luggage on the way back from Italy was just something you could do. Then liquids were banned, then reduced to ridiculous volumes which correspond only to specific travel sized products. This post is rapidly degenerating into a rant.

Token game-related bit: I haven’t been playing much recently, though I’ve really enjoy the rich and vast world of the Witcher 3, and snippets of Alien Isolation, though it seemed to struggle running on the PS4 Slim. I’ll have to test it out on the Pro. And my new Dell Inspiron gaming laptop is fantastic. It hasn’t been tested on a gaming front, but video editing has been flawless.

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