The Finishing Touches

Putting the finishing touches on our latest furniture project – a pair of vintage beside tables. That is, when we’re not playing the Witcher 3 or Nioh.

Choosing the fittings for the beside tables was tough. After a lot of deliberation, we got a handle on the situation. Apologies for the poor pun, but I couldn’t resist, and now I feel like a complete knob. A drawer knob…I’ll stop now.

G Decor drawer knobs

We opted for gold and white ceramic knobs with different designs for something a bit quirky. They’re slightly more traditional, and play to the vintage roots of the bedside tables. I was sorely tempted to buy some agate handles but it was difficult to justify the expense and awkward ergonomics. These were from Amazon, but there were plenty of interesting options on Etsy.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with how they turned out. A modern-vintage combo, saving some furniture that would have otherwise been scrapped. Sometimes it’s about seeing the potential – rough on the outside, but solid wood and sturdy. The project ended up being cost effective, too. We paid £30 for the drawer knobs, the tables were given to us for nothing, and the paint was left over from the previous owners of our house. This has been my first proper furniture project, and I hope to have another soon.

Time to get back to the PS4…and probably work.

If you liked the project and these are something you’d be interested in, then click on the picture of the drawer knobs and it will bring you through to the page on

I earn a small amount of commission for any sales made through this link – something I’m experimenting with to cover running costs of the site.

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