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Life in lockdown continues. It was an excellent time to start cycling as the roads were much quieter, but as more people return to work a sense of normality is returning to the roads. It’s a good excuse to get outside for some regular exercise.

Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus is complete, and I would heartily recommend it. The story did not play out as expected for the traditional action fantasy game, without the usual black and white, good and evil. If you’re looking for a game with spectacular scenery, challenging (but not overly intense combat) and an intriguing and mysterious storyline then get Shadow of the Colossus.

Back to the earth, and the things that grow within it

April and May have been busy months for gardening. Since building the raised beds, I have bought a small greenhouse from Aldi, and battled the bamboo. One of the beds was completely riddled with bamboo and to access was hampered by fence panel. Nothing a crowbar couldn’t solve! The fence panels were rotten and needed removing so it was perfect timing. I’m planning on removing the rest of the panels and plastering the blocks. All I’ve got to do is learn how to plaster…

The vegetable beds are coming along nicely. The last couple of weeks have brought a massive growth spurt. The beds have been covered by horticultural fleece for most of the spring to protect them from the wind and extremes of temperature.

We have even started eating some of the produce. Lettuce, cavolo nero (a variety of kale), radishes. The beetroot is almost ready, and some of the strawberries are starting to ripen. The tomato plants I’ve been growing from seeds have been doing well, and I’ve also bought a calamondin tree (similar to a kumquat) and a fig tree. The plan is to grow some fruit trees along the back wall, and either fan or cordon train them.

Baking has slowed down recently, sourdough having been replaced by conventional bread. I like sourdough, but it can become monotonous if it’s all you ever bake. I recently baked some brioche-style white bread, with a rich buttery crust.

Part of my garden plan has now evolved to include cultivation of bamboo plants given the amount I’ve pulled out. If they keep growing well, I’ll have plenty to sell post-lockdown.

For now, it’s back to the garden.

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