Almost There (Ordinary Decent Office)

I haven’t been feeling well and have run out of time this evening so this will be a quick update with a more in depth post later. My thumb survived at least.

Almost There

The office project is nearing completion. It has been over a year since I demolished those terrible bookcases in anger, and it’s almost time for the books to return to their rightful home. No more plastic boxes cluttering up the nursery.

The book complex, almost finished

I’ve been putting the finishing touches and fitting the final shelves this week. There are still a few niggles to sort out including a few paint touch-ups, fills and network cable termination to do. I have put down conduit above the skirting board though to conceal the trailing socket cable and network cable.

The big surprise though? Last Friday I took a trip over to Torpoint on the ferry for a very specific purpose. I had my eye on a walnut worktop over the last couple of weeks, inspired by my friend’s Ikea Karlby desk setup. My black glass desk holds a special place in my heart as it has followed me all the way from Northern Ireland but I wanted to move on to something a bit more refined and less likely to smudge. Glass is a fingerprint magnet and starts to get smudged instantly so I ended up covering the desktop with a huge mousemat anyway.

The worktop just about fitted in the car and I got it back home safe and sound, only to attack it with a saw. It was 1.7m and the biggest desk the space would comfortably fit was 1.4m. Out came the tracksaw again. A little sanding and some Danish oil later and I had a really beautiful piece. Put it together with a Flexispot E6 standing desk frame and I’ve got a kick-ass desk. The assembly wasn’t that onerous either and the bolts were all the same hex key fitting which was a sensible design choice.

And there it is. A desk that can raise to a ridiculous height, or a few sensible ones. I’ve toyed with the idea of a standing desk for some time but now I have one and I’m excited to get working on it.

2 responses to “Almost There (Ordinary Decent Office)”

  1. That looks good Adam, Granda would have approved, you could give the owl a coat of the Danish oil if any is left over.

    1. Thanks! That was the leftover oil, but I’ll have to get some more. I made the mistake of leaving too much on so I had to sand it down a bit. It still needs some work but it’s a lovely piece of wood.

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