Christmas 2012

The new katana
The new katana

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have had great days, spending time with loved ones, while eating and drinking copious amounts of food and booze respectively. Tis the season to be jolly after all. Though someone has to prepare the food, or in our case, a team of people. All this other stuff going on hasn’t left me with a lot of free time, and as a result I haven’t really been able to write at all. Not nearly as much as I did last year at Christmas anyway, and I’m yet to drink eggnog I’ve made, or watch Dilbert. I’m behind in my new traditions! I did get a sword though, so that kinda made up for everything else. It has been great all in all, and I am just about to hit the hay for the day (rhyming is fun) after a late night last night and an early start. I was up until 3 am of Christmas morning, making sauces and other wonderful foodstuffs. Hopefully tomorrow, being my birthday, will be a chance to wind down and relax.

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