Ordinary Decent Halloween

I’m back, and only a week too late for Halloween, but it didn’t stop me from putting together a Halloween special!

For this video, the turnaround time was much shorter. I was hoping to put it together in one evening in time for Halloween, but that was too optimistic. Instead, I spent a few hours playing games, then on a different day filmed the live action segments and recorded the voice over. I took notes as I was playing the games then wrote a script, and the editing happened alongside the process. Getting the video completed in a week was challenging (effectively three days work) but it highlighted to me how being better organised and having a well-defined scope makes a huge difference.


This video covers a few dark-ish titles for the Sega Mega Drive including Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Splatterhouse 3, and Alien 3. They’re great games and deserve a lot more attention than afforded in this video, but I hope to come back and explore them in detail.

For now, enjoy the video!


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